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I think one of the keys to Ellen’s success is that she is just so darn likeable. Yes, she’s hilarious, which obviously helps her career as a comedienne, but I think it helps that she seems approachable enough that her guests on her TV show probably feel more as if they are sitting down in her living room than appearing on national TV. In spite of her few detractors that seem as though they’ll be an annoying factor in her career for the next few years at least, she always exhibits grace and wry humor that show she doesn’t take herself or the few who criticize her too seriously.

I had wanted to read DeGeneres‘ newest book, Seriously…I’m Kidding, but it was checked out of the library, so I went with the book she wrote right before launching her wildly successful talk show instead. It’s a humorous collection of her day-to-day observations and insights on life. I recognized several of the chapters as the written version of portions of her stand-up routine that I saw on a television special several years ago. Reading the scenes she describes such as her encounters with meter maids, bad drivers and health gurus were entertaining to read, probably all the more because I had the memory of her performing these incidents in her straight-faced, nonchalant manner that makes her so likeable and appealing across the board. It’s a short, easy, funny read that still contains short nuggets of wisdom served up in her tongue-in-cheek style that makes this a fun rainy day read, which is they way I enjoyed it.

Rating: Really liked it (4 of 5 stars)

Acknowledgments: I read the Simon & Schuster edition of The Funny Thing Is…by Ellen DeGeneres, copyright 2003. ISBN 0-7432-4761-2