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Thank you for stopping by to read my first blog post. I hope that very soon this page will be filled with my thoughts and reflections on books, movies, television and the media, and your responses to my observations and questions.

The name of this site comes from a quote from A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf. I explain this choice more fully in the About me and this site section, but for a quick explanation, here is the full quote:

“…for fiction, imaginative work that it is, is not dropped like a pebble upon the ground, as science may be; fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so lightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners.” ~Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own, Chapter 3.

A Room of One’s Own is an essay derived from some of Woolf’s lectures. To read this short volume is to enter a conversation with Woolf in which she examines both the philosophical and pragmatic dilemmas that have confronted women who have written–or who have attempted–to write fiction throughout history. Woolf asks us to consider not just the romantic appeal of the female author, but also the very real problems she would have encountered, including the need for a space to call her own where she might write, as well as the money to support her career.

I chose this quote to create the name of this site because of the ways in which fiction and reality are intertwined, and Woolf’s analogy that compares fiction to a spider’s web clinging to the door frame of reality is one that stuck with me. Creativity and imagination require sustenance and support in reality as well as in the mind. Woolf claimed that a woman would need 500 pounds a year and a room of one’s own in order to write fiction. I would also add that a writer needs caffeine and cookies, but that’s just my preference.

This blog will mostly contain my thoughts and reflections on novels and movies, but also on non-fiction and documentaries. Fiction may be imagined, but it draws on fact and reality. One of my brilliant college literature professors told us that literature does not occur in a vacuum; it always comes as a response to something.  Since literature and poems and films draw on real experiences, I hope this site can be a place where all converge and where readers can add their own voices as well.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope to hear from you as the conversation continues. This project is a personal one for me, as well as a learning experience, so I welcome advice and suggestions! The comment box is titled “Musings and Noticings.” I rarely make up words, but once in a while, I can’t help myself, so please excuse this crime against spelling and grammar.

(Acknowledgments: The quotes are taken from the Harcourt edition of A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf, copyright 1929 and 1981. ISBN 0-15-678733-4)